Saturday, March 28, 2009

Grand Champion

Congrats to Tatum for her Grand Champion Buck and Third Place Doe in the rabbit competition! Rumor has it that buck and doe are in the process of being bred and I'm sure another champion will come out of that match. Great show and SUPER job!!

Tugwells Take the Show!!

The Dairy Heifer show that is. Lance took Reserve Champion, Kaitlyn placed 2nd, Kristen placed 3rd and Lanie received a trophy and blue ribbon in the Pee Wee Open

You guys did a WONDERFUL show and we're proud of you!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Show Eligibility

"...if your child received a failing grade on his or her report card for the grading period ending on February 20th [4th six weeks], then he or she will be ineligible to show during the County Show."

For more information see the Cherokee County Blog

Friday, March 6, 2009

IMPORTANT info on SALE at Livestock Show

This letter was received from the Board of Directors - Cherokee County Stock Show and Exposition and seemed important to those showing and anticipating sale of their animals.

To: All FFA Teachers and 4-H Leaders

Re: Cherokee County Jr. Livestock Show Sale Numbers

Ladies and Gentlemen:

After entering all the 2009 entries that are “marked to sell” into our system, we discovered a 50 percent increase in the total numbers versus our 2008 total numbers. At this time last year, before ineligibility issues, animal issues, etc. we had a total of 203 entries marked to sell. This year we have a total of 305 entries marked to sell. With this increase in the number of entries to be sold and the current state of the economy, we discussed this matter at our board meeting last night.

After a lengthy discussion, it became obvious that we as the board of directors must do something to limit the number of projects being allowed to sell. This is a decision that the board takes very seriously. The decision has been made to allow a maximum number of 200 projects sell at our 2009 show. This is approximately 65 percent of the total number or projects “marked to sell”. This number will be fine tuned after all Divisions have been judged during the junior livestock show. A committee has been formed to look at all the ribbon placings to determine exactly who will sell. The number will not be less than 200 projects, but could possibly increase by a few to finish out a particular ribbon placing. As stated in the rules, no white ribbons will be eligible to sell.

Based on the percentage of “marked to sell” entries in each Division compared to the total number of “marked to sell” entries, the number of entries in each Division that will be allowed to sell are listed below:
Beef – 16 entries, Dairy – 7 entries, Goats – 26 entries, Swine – 37 entries, Poultry – 13 entries, Shop – 77 entries, Pen of Heifers – 2 entries, Rabbits – 22 entries

Please pass this information on to your FFA students and 4-H club members, parents, etc., so everyone is aware of this change.

Also, please pass on to your students and club members, parents, buyer’s group members, and all supporters, the fact that this year’s sale will begin at 3:00 pm Saturday afternoon with the animals. The shop sale will follow immediately after all the animals are sold.

We, as the board of directors, want to express our sincere appreciation to all of our FFA teachers and 4-H leaders that are involved in the Cherokee County Jr. Livestock Show. We have great young people that participate in this show and your dedication to them just helps them that much more.

Once again, thanks for all that you do!


Wayne Berry
2008-2009 President