Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Awards Banquet

A big 'thank you' those who attended Saturday's 2008 Cherokee County Awards Banquet. Our PALs Reporter (and manager of East Texas 4H club) has a very nice write-up in today's Cherokeean Herald and Lookout 4H has quite a few pictures posted on their blog. In addition to the participation certificates handed out to all members who participated in one or more programs last year, awards were also given out to individuals and clubs who amassed the most participation points.

I'm proud to say that Footbridge 4H's own Katy Dickey won Clover Kid of the Year for her participation in Consumer Decision Making, Food and Nutrition, and Entemology.

"Hearts in Bloom" 4H club, now "East Texas', though the smallest club in our county won 'Club of the Year'. Thomas Parker with the Hearts in Bloom 4-H Club was awarded Junior 4-H Member of the Year, Katie Foster with the Cloverleaf 4-H Club was named Intermediate 4-H Member of the Year and Zachary Parker with the Hearts in Bloom 4-H Club was awarded Senior 4-H member of the Year.

A member recieves one point for each project or competition he or she participates in. If the member wins ribbon,they receive additional points: 3 points for 1st place, 2 for 2nd, 1 for 3rd for a possible total of up to 4 points per competition. Obviously, then, the more you particiapte, the more points you acrue and who knows: maybe at next year's award banquet (which will be much earlier in the year) you can be next year's 'Member of the Year' in your class!

Currently there are projects and workshops being held for:

Horse Judging
Livestock Judging
Consumer Decision Making
Small Engine Project

Several other projects are being set up now, and if there is something you are interested in please don't hesitate to bring it your club managers' attention.

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