Thursday, October 2, 2008

September PALs Meeting Highlights

I'll be posting highlights of Monday's PALs meeting as I get my notes organized.



Our own C0-Leader, Tandi Dickey, was voted PALs secretary. Also, through an obscure parliamentary procedure know as 'opening my mouth' it appears Yours Truly has been...anointed...PALs Parliamentarian. Not sure how that happened but in any case, if you find that as difficult to believe as I do, check out the PALs blog for proof.




When each member filled out their membership form they also listed several subjects in which they had interest. Cherokee County 4H clubs expressed interest in a wide variety of programs including things such as Small Engines, Shooting, Forrestry, Water Safety, ATV Safety and several others in addition to the more traddional Livestock-related events. These and many other projects require one or more adults to put together and organize. This is not as complicated as it sounds. Parents and other interested adults: please consider volunteering a ver small amount of your time to help our 4H kids make the most of their club. I'll have more to say on that in another post. Meanwhile, please contact me, Brenda, or Willie for information on how YOU can help.


Running the concession stand at the Cherokee County Livestock Show is PALs biggest (in many ways only) fundraiser. I dont' have the exact numbers in front of me, but it made up roughly 2/3 of PALs budget last year (somethign like $7K in 3 days of which over $5K was profit). It has also been a source of contention between clubs. Every club is required to participate and provide staff. A commitee has been formed to oversee the running and staffing of the concession stand this year in an attempt to make it easier and fairer for all clubs. I do not have the final membership for this comittee but it should be posted on the PALs blog shortly. I believe Tandi Dickey from our club is on the commitee but anyone one else interested in helping represent Footbridge 4H's interests in this vital area please contact Tandi (as PALs Secretary) or Vonnie Anderson (PALs president) for information.

PALs is also looking for ideas on additional ways to raise money to fund 4H. PALs is the county wide organization that funds camps, awards, events and contests, and helps members with entrance fees and other expenses at District and State level competitions. Any ideas on additional fundraising ideas for either Footbridge or PALs would be greatly appreciated.

It was decided that PALs would meet at 7 pm at the Cherokee County Elec. Co-op (subject to availablility) on the FOURTH MONDAY of EVERY OTHER MONTH with additional meetings either done via telephone or internet as needed. Committee meetings will be determined by each commitee. The Next PALs meeting is, therefore on November 24th. School is still in session so that shouldn't interfere with too many people's Thanksgiving plans.

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